The Arab Political Science Network, APSN, is a non-profit scholarly initiative that seeks to support, enhance and increase scholars’ research and teaching outputs in the study of political science, and its sub and related fields. APSN works with graduate students and faculty members researching political science issues, with special emphasis on scholars based in Arab countries.

APSN plans to implement innovative and creative research and teaching approaches that empowers regionally based scholars while connecting them with peers and colleagues inside and outside the region. As an active research network and professional development forum for scholars from the region, APSN will be well-positioned to contribute to academic and policy debates about local, regional and foreign politics; sponsor and organize panels at regional and international forums; and become a leading regional partner on political science research.


Arabic and English will be the main languages used to run workshops and conferences organized by APSN. However, there could be some events that only use Arabic depending on the call for application.

Participation in APSN Activities

Scholars working on topics related to the study of political science in the region are welcome to apply for and participate in APSN’s projects and events. However, funding will be strongly prioritizing regionally based scholars.